Thanks to Dave, our biggest Javelin 'freak', the existence of the only Dutch Javelin club in the Netherlands is a fact. Unfortunately for him he doesn't own a Javelin himself, but that didn't make him less 'crazy' about the AMC Javelin.

Dave got the 'Javelin virus' because of this brother. In the old days his older brother bought a couple of Javelins (one by one of course) and as a little kid he could drive with him. Since the internet he has got a hold of more then just a few Javelins, from in and outside the Netherlands. Dave is providing this website of the correct information and I am processing it.

Once on a meeting he saw a black 1970's Javelin. It appeared to be Tony's who just
bought it. One thing led to another and in 2004 a recall was placed for a Javelin meeting at Big Daddy's, Nieuwegein (NL).

On June eleventh 2006 a big meeting was arranged at the King Cruise, Muiden (NL). Despite the heat this was a very big success! Even two 'new' Javelins arrived at he scene, among one which was mine. A 1974 Javelin with 10000 original miles on the meter! I found this car in Croatia where it had been standing there for eleven years in a garage. The ultimate goal is to gather as many Javelins as possible on a meeting and exchange each others experiences and bring in new members for our club.

Also non Javelin owners are welcome to our club. At the moment our club's membership is free of charge and we will correspond through this website or by email.
So...if you are little less 'crazy' than Dave and you bear the Javelins a warm heart, then become a member of our club and fill in this form!

Enjoy your stay on our website!

Pedro van Eijk