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Closing season 2007

We want thank everyone for their presence at the meetings of this season.
For our own first AMC meeting it was a large success, where even other countries were represented!

For next year we have planned three meetings on the agenda, where if everything are favourable a number of new Javelin's and Amx's will be present.
You will receive an invitation automatically and the invitation will also be placed on this website.


So up to 2008...but first we wish you all

pleasant holidays and a successful 2008!

Pedro & Dave

Also Dave has a request...

I found in an old newspaper of 1973 a Javelin advertisement, see pictures. Now I have a question.

If you have some old AMC advertisements of old pictures of (Dutch) AMC dealers? Then I will keep myself recommended. You can send your digital photo material to dave@amcjavelin.nl or send it by regular mail. In that case please send an e-mail with the question where you can send it to.

You will get your photograph material returned of course.

Thank you in advance,