The new meeting season seizoen is started again and the AMC tickles are coming again.
We call all AMC owners to meet each other again.
And where else then at the King Cruise at Muiden should we meet each other, a central and beautyful location!!
Several AMC's have been changed of owner and also some new AMC's are added to and thought our website.

So let's meet and exchange each others experiences again and let's try and get as many as possible AMC's to this meeting.

Letís roll. Time to party.
Therefore we invite you to this unique happening. SoÖ

Please write down in your agenda:

Sundag  august 8th 2010 from 12.00 till 17.00h
King Cruise (Burger King on Maxis terrain)
Pampusweg 1
1398PR Muiden

Click here for the route description.